Let’s face it – change can be scary. And for attorneys who spend their days and nights strategizing about how to guide their clients through challenging divorces where the stakes are financially and emotionally high, adopting a new business practice, even one that appears helpful, can feel more risky than rewarding. Incorporating automated legal forms into New York divorce proceedings are one such business practice which can help divorce attorneys deliver better service to clients at more efficient prices, but some attorneys are hesitant to use automated legal forms based on a couple fears. We’ll talk through those fears below:

“If I automate legal forms, won’t that create the risk of errors?”

Whenever automation enters the picture, people become worried that, without a human being manually inputting information, errors are bound to occur. This is nothing new. Automatic elevators (meaning those without human operators) were invented way back in 1900, but people refused to use them out of fear of accident, and they did not gain popularity for nearly 50 years, when New York City elevator operators went on strike and people finally realized that automatic elevators were even safer than manually operated elevators. In every industry, we see that automation actually reduces error, and automated legal documents are no different. Given the frenzied pace of legal work and the stakes involved in divorce matters, human error is bound to happen, but Rocket Docket Legal Software minimizes the risk of error by generating error-free, accurate forms that incorporate the customized information that you input. And it does so in just seconds, giving you the extra time to focus on the legal strategies that matter instead of on proofreading paperwork.

“Will the automated forms be accurate?”

Most lawyers creating legal divorce form will not generate one from scratch but instead will find a previous legal form from a colleague or past case, and will then attempt to update it to suit the needs of the current matter. Doing so assumes that the previous drafter of the document knew exactly what he or she was doing (although, in all likelihood, that person was simply copying a form from some other unknown, previous form), and that the law reflected in the legal form is unchanged. Thus, the approach of using manually drafted legal forms based on precedents carries a high risk of inaccuracy. Rocket Docket Legal Software is updated on a constant basis to make sure that the forms are accurate and reflect the current New York divorce law, giving you the peace of mind that your legal divorce forms will stand muster in court as comprehensive, up-to-date legal documents.

“Will learning how to use automated forms be more trouble than it’s worth?”

Legal automated documents may sound great, but for those who’ve been working on New York divorce matters for years, or who may have a fear of dealing with new technologies and products, the idea of incorporating a whole new approach to legal document generation may simply sound too stressful to undertake, or like an idea better approached when there is more time (which begs the question of when is there ever more time?). These are understandable concerns, but Rocket Docket Legal Software has a user-friendly interface that is easy to learn, and one-on-one tutorials will personally guide you through all the features of the software, each one of which can save you the time and headaches associated with constant manual document generation. The Rocket Docket Legal Software learning curve is quick, and the returns to your firm and clients will pay dividends for years.