Want to know the fastest way to draft legal documents in New York? Keep reading…

Aside from the legal research that goes into a brief, a large amount of any New York legal document is actually just filling in repetitive case information throughout a given document. Take a landlord tenant eviction notice, for instance, with a handful of blanks for all of the same information over and over again: attorney name, client’s name, building address, back rent due, landlord name, etc. You get the picture. So if you want to draft legal documents quickly but accurately, Rocket Docket can speed up the process and also eliminate errors.

Here’s how:

Automated document assembly: By far the fastest and most error-free way to put together any New York legal document is by automating the insertion of all repetitive information throughout the document. With Rocket Docket’s HotDocs software, the automation requires a one-time entry of information, which is then populated in all the right locations throughout a document. Many documents are completed in less than 10 minutes; it can take more time to print and seal it in an envelope than to put together the document itself. Not just limited to legal documents, you can also use Rocket Docket to produce a range of your daily correspondences, such as invoices and fax cover sheets. Not only is copying and pasting time-consuming compared to document automation, it is also often riddled with errors that you then populate throughout the document. Rocket Docket solves this all-too-common issue.

Microsoft Outlook: Do you use Microsoft Outlook in your daily communications with clients and associates? We have synced our programs with Outlook to ensure that each of your contacts are perfectly inserted into your legal documents. A simple click of a mouse and the name and information is disseminated throughout the document free of errors.

Forms Library: Rocket Docket’s comprehensive forms library means that you are not only producing error-free documents in minutes but you are also producing the most up to date New York legal forms. It can be hard to keep up with changes in forms when you are busy practicing law; Rocket Docket makes it simple by keeping up with the updates forms for you. When you set up your subscription with Rocket Docket, access to this comprehensive library comes with it.

Calculations: Whether you are a math person or not, making a mistake on a calculation in a legal document can be both embarrassing and costly. In addition to automating names and information, we also help you automate calculations.

Putting hours back in your day, Rocket Docket can help your legal practice better utilize time and money, with convenient subscription plans to fit your needs. Give us a call today to begin your free 30-day trial.