Is your current legal workflow more work than flow? If you answered “yes” to that question, you should know that there is a better and more efficient way of doing things with Rocket Docket.

In fact, with the majority of Rocket Docket Legal Software workflows it takes longer to print out, copy and stuff them into an envelope than to create the actual legal documents. That is the power of using an automated workflow. Automating every possible aspect of your legal document assembly is the answer to solving the many frustrations (time and energy), questions and errors that lawyers and law firms encounter every day by handling their legal workflow any other way.

Let’s start at the beginning. A workflow is any set of documents being created at once. In the document-heavy industry of law, a legal workflow usually describes what you need to create for a client to take their case from start to finish. For example, an initial workflow might start with a retainer agreement, summons, complaint and a letter to the clerk of the court. The next workflow might be a discovery demand, deposition notices, an affidavit of service and letters to the court and opposing attorneys involved in the case. And another workflow might be a motion and an affidavit of service and letters to the court and opposing attorneys. These common examples of an attorney workflow for a given case were once created by pulling old legal documents to use as the model and then engaging in the monotonous task of copying and pasting the new case information throughout the many documents.

With Rocket Docket, your everyday legal workflows are now done with one-time inputs and mouse clicks that will automatically merge the information everywhere it needs to be. No more copy and paste, no more pulling old and outdated legal documents, and no more math mistakes that end up costing you money. Because Rocket Docket also syncs with your Microsoft Office and can handle various computations, the workflows listed above are done mistake-free in minutes, not hours.

On top of that, relevant information is saved to use in future document creation and Rocket Docket’s comprehensive New York legal forms library also helps to eliminate the always present problem associated with using an old doc: the potential for filing a legal document that is out of date. Designed by a lawyer for lawyers, every element of Rocket Docket’s software was created to make your legal life easier.

Let’s face it, everyone wants more time in their day and by automating your legal workflow with Rocket Docket, you will be sure to get just that in addition to producing a consistently better work product. More than taking your cases and everyday communications from start to finish, Rocket Docket is taking your practice to a whole new efficiency level. With subscription packages that fit your needs and budget, begin your 30 day trial today and find how much easier your legal workflow can be.