Rocket Docket document assembly software is powered by HotDocs and produces printer ready automated legal documents with easy input and simple mouse clicks. We created easy to use fill in the blank interviews to collect the case information. These interviews save the answers in “Answer Files” for on demand use and re-use.  You select the templates you need in each workflow with the mouse. The templates automatically merge all of the answered questions such as names, dates and numbers into the workflow.

What is Document Assembly Like?

Document assembly magic happens right after you enter your case contacts into the interview. Even complex cases rarely take more than ten minutes to set up. Document assembly workflows are created with simple mouse click selections of the forms and letters you wish to create at once. The information is ready to be merged and it takes mere seconds to produce printer ready documents.  The captions, case attorney, client information, and signature blocks automatically fill and are properly formatted.

Rocket Docket is connected to Microsoft Outlook. All of the contacts except for your staff members are imported from Microsoft Outlook with simple mouse clicks. Outlook is a powerful contact manager and is highly searchable. Staff has its own dedicated HotDocs interview so that any staff member and all of their information is instantly merged into every letterhead, signature line and form in the workflow. Reassigning staff is done with a single simple mouse click.

The interviews are so carefully designed as to only ask each question one time. If the forms in the workflow each have overlapping answers, you will not be required to repeat the information for each form. All of these features make document assembly with Rocket Docket as simple and efficient as possible, using the power of HotDocs technology.

The interview is the same in every case. You select the case attorney into the interview.  You select clients and other parties into the case and assign them roles such as plaintiff or purchaser. In a litigation case you select the court, judge and opposing attorneys. You select Rocket Docket letterhead if you want all of the correspondences to have automated letterhead or you can suppress the letterhead feature and print your own.

The document assembly occurs with the mouse. Once these selections are made all of this information is automatically inserted in every form and letter assembled in the lifecycle of the case with no extra work required. All you do is select the form or letter you want and the information is automatically merged.

There is no need to copy and paste, or spend time re-entering repetitive data. The system is programmed to make most forms assemble from a single click instruction.