Formatting and organizing the personal and other information in your New York legal documents should not take more time than absolutely necessary. Unfortunately for many, this task of copying and pasting and manual input takes hours away from what you really should be doing – practicing law and building your practice. Not anymore. Coupling 30

How does it work? Created by a lawyer for lawyers, Rocket Docket is available to help with all your New York business, criminal, CPLR, divorce, family court and real estate transactions by using a special program with custom coding that also syncs with your contacts in Outlook for maximum efficiency and accuracy. In practice, this means that a New York divorce attorney could complete around fifteen uncontested divorce packages in a single day—this includes everything from the retainer agreement to the clerk filing letters to all of the necessary forms. Imagine the possibilities! Whether you are looking for more free time or more practice time, using HotDocs and Rocket Docket is a no brainer.

Good for everyone from a solo practitioner to a major law firm, this new ability to completely automate legal docs is something every law firm in New York should be using. Some of the benefits of automated legal documents (and other correspondence) include:

Limited errors: The monotony of copying and pasting and manual input leads to embarrassing and time-consuming errors. Some require complete refilling. Hotdocs helps eliminate spelling errors, missing or wrong information and even does your math for you.

The most up to date court paperwork: Another problem many attorneys run into is relying on a previously filed court doc as the basis for a new one. We make sure you are working with the most up to date documents

Save time and money (lots of it!

Stop wasting your time on routine and repetitive tasks and start spending your time on the increased business you can take on as a result of HotDocs and Rocket Docket. At Rocket Docket, we know how important flexibility is to many attorneys which is why we offer monthly, quarterly and annual subscription options to fit your needs. Start saving time and money today and get started on your free 30 day trial of Rocket Docket.