As you know New York (DRL) divorce, maintenance and child support statutes changed in October 2015 and again in January 2016. These changes affected the formulas used to compute maintenance and child support.

Then in January and March 2016 the official forms were repealed, changed and updated by the Unified Court System to reflect and incorporate these statutory changes. These changes affect both Divorce and Family Court forms.

One brand new form, the Notice of Guideline Maintenance should now be served prior to the entry of any agreements or service of the Summons. Not only may your agreements be set aside but your entire submission can be rejected by the clerk for failure to include this form with the Summons. While the statute says the Supreme Court is required to serve the notice on unrepresented defendants, it is obvious that they will not serve it prior to the entry of the agreement or the 211 papers. This could mean disaster.

The old child support worksheet was repealed in its entirety.

The new maintenance guidelines now apply in family court and are both temporary and later made permanent with new formulas and income caps.

Here is the link to the new forms

If your software is still using the Statement of Net Worth last revised in November 1998
( or a similar version, be especially careful because this old form, while in widespread use collects information that is no longer relevant to the formulas and can lead to some serious math errors that can cost thousands of dollars and worse.

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