There are always more clients to be retained, more legal experience to be gained, more areas of ever-developing law to be learned, and more of your business to be grown. But there is one thing that there is not more of, no matter how you slice it: hours in the day.

We all know that the working life of a lawyer can involve very long hours, especially when you’re servicing the right amount of clients to make your practice profitable on an ongoing basis. For too many lawyers, the amount of hours billed can become the mark of success and profitability. While that model may have worked with mixed results for many years, billing lots of hours per project often results in:

  • Overworked attorneys unhappy in their practice, and exhausted from their work, limiting their time and energy to attract new business and develop their legal practice; and
  • Clients dissatisfied with their bills in light of their results, who may not be repeat customers nor recommend that attorney’s services to their friends and colleagues

Legal Clients are More Educated Than Ever About Legal Efficiency

In the past, potential clients – especially individual, non-business customers looking for assistance in areas such as family law, real estate, and civil litigation – had very limited opportunities to do “comparison shopping” among lawyers. Individual clients, who, when they need a lawyer usually need one very quickly, generally asked their friends and family for referrals, and simply were given the names of attorneys they knew, which may or may not have reflected the quality and efficiency of the attorney’s services. And when a customer was dissatisfied with the cost of the bill or the attorney’s services, their recourse was likely limited to complaining to those in their immediate circle.

These days, we live in a Yelp-style world, where potential customers can research a lawyer in seconds with a simple internet search. And any client you have ever worked with has the power to leave a permanent record review of that lawyer’s skills, including efficiency and results earned.

What do want your client-generated reviews to say about you — that you bill a lot of hours to get tasks done, and, on top of that, simple mistakes were still made, causing even more hours to be billed? Or do you want your reviews to say, “My attorney served my needs in far less time than I was expecting, getting the results I wanted at a fair price. Highly recommended!”

Incorporate Legal Automation Software to Save Time and Win More Business

With Rocket Docket Legal Software, you will have the tools you need to save hours of time in your New York practice, saving your clients money and improving your chances of retaining and winning more business. Rocket Docket’s automated New York legal document templates let you fill in basic client information to fill out multiple forms in a matter of seconds, saving you time and preventing mistakes that cost both you and your client. Our automated forms are available for a variety of New York practice areas and needs, including CPLR and criminal procedure forms, family law and divorce, foreclosure, eviction, real estate and business forms. Our business form libraries include everything from the Retainer Agreement and Notice of Appearance through the Notice of Appeal needed to open, draft, litigate and complete each case, saving you time and creating goodwill in your clients.