When you purchase a subscription to Rocket Docket, you also have the technological and customer support to back up and explain how to use this legal forms software. We want to be sure that you know how to use Rocket Docket in the best way possible for your practice.

Open a Support Ticket

If you need to open a support ticket please click here.

User Manual

The Rocket Docket User Manual is available right here on the website for download as a PDF file, and contains detailed explanations of how to begin using Rocket Docket’s legal forms software. Topics include setting up the interface, conducting interviews for entering data, creating answer files as well as how to assemble multiple documents in a single work flow. Also explained are use of the calculators, billing and calendar functions, all of which are available in Rocket Docket.

YouTube Instructional Videos

To compliment the User Manual, we have created a series of videos that you can view at any time that will walk you through each step of using Rocket Docket for your own practice. You will have no problem understanding the simple step-by-step instructions on the videos, and can use them to train office staff as well.

Customer Support

If you run into a question that is complex, or simply want to clarify how to customize Rocket Docket for your practice you can contact us directly. We are available by both email and telephone to help you, and want to make sure that you have an optimum experience with the Rocket Docket legal forms software. You can reach us by phone at 866-890-2055.

HotDocs® Customer Support

There is also a resource center for HotDocs in the event you have a question concerning the actual document assembly functions in Rocket Docket. Simply click on this link, and you will be redirected to the HotDocs website to find the information via instructional videos. We hope that you will use the support tools available to optimize your experience of using Rocket Docket legal forms software, and welcome your feedback or suggestions to improve the level of support offered.

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