You use the same information repeatedly in multiple documents in every case. With Rocket Docket you collect all of this information in easy to use fill in blank interviews.

Rocket Docket workflows are your legal document assistant allowing you to create many forms and letters at once, saving hours of valuable time.

How Does a Rocket Docket Workflow Work?

A workflow is any set of documents being prepared at once. It could be a fax cover sheet, three letters, an affidavit of service, a notice of appearance and a discovery demand.  They will all use the same client and case information.  The information is accessed from the answer files already created in a Rocket Docket interview.  The interviews are designed to be easy to use and understand.

Picture an interview at your fingertips at the beginning and the final output form at the other end. In between are the database and a template.  The information from the interview passes through the database. The template merges this information into the form using the power of HotDocs document assembly software. When data is merged from the database into a workflow properly formatted, there is no effort required other than simple mouse click selections.  Rocket Docket becomes your legal document assistant, without the need for time consuming cutting and pasting or the possibility of errors.

Answers Files Are Saved for Future Use

The interview answers are saved for future use. For example if you enter a name, address or court case number it will be there for the life-cycle of the case.  Once answered, the information is automatically merged whenever and wherever needed automatically. Rocket Docket ensures that all future forms and letters will contain the same data in the proper format for the selected template. Your new legal document assistant will save hours of wasted time.