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HotDocs provides the platform and Rocket Docket provides the content and together they bring stunning power to the modern law office.

Rocket Docket is a legal document publisher which uses the HotDocs platform for legal document assembly software. We feature content specific libraries of ready to fill and print legal documents and forms from simple interviews all powered by HotDocs. Using simple fill-in-the-blank interviews to collect case information and contacts, Rocket Docket merges all of your information into letters and forms with easy mouse click selections.

Perfect documents in seconds

System users enter data into Rocket Docket interviews by keying in the data, importing data from enterprise storage systems, or a combination of both. Not only does this approach to document automation yield much higher quality documents, it also dramatically speeds up the process while reducing the expense.

Return on investment

Adding Rocket Docket published HotDocs Document Automation to your workflow can dramatically reduce the errors made and time staff spends creating documents.


Rocket Docket published HotDocs document automation solution grows as your business grows. Whether you’re creating 10 or 100 documents every day, Rocket Docket published HotDocs forms can easily be introduced to new offices, departments, and functions.


What are the key benefits?

A Rocket Docket subscription to one or more of the many ready-to-use, professional legal forms products means you will spend less time creating legal documents and more time with clients. You will also enjoy the ability to use the content with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that accurate, automatic product updates are a built-in feature with every subscription.

Subscribing is simple – simply call us for a free consultation and we will price a plan that suits your needs.

You will then enjoy libraries of Rocket Docket legal templates at your fingertips, giving you freedom to spend time with your clients instead of creating forms.

Call Us Today! 866-890-2055