Priority workflow plans can succeed if plan for the new work, calls and mail that has not yet arrived. New business comes in at its own pace on its own time and your goal is to perform to the level you want with the resources you have.

One of the keys to superior office efficiency is creating a shared calendar to complete high priority tasks. See this: Share Calendars in Outlook 2013 or this: Share your Google calendar.

Schedule time for the unexpected before it happens

This is not as simple as it seems, since the daily pressure of mail and new cases can interfere with the most careful planning. There are ways to cope with the unexpected while still meeting deadlines within a prioritized workflow plan.

New and sometimes urgent items such as mail, e-mail, calls or new appointment requests from clients are in a different category of priority because they are important but cannot calendared because they have not happened yet and you do not know that they will.  But they always do and you can count on that. Time must be scheduled and allocated for them.

If time is allocated for the mail and those client communications before you they arrive or happen then they can be given a similar high priority that they deserve with time for the other items already in the calendar.

A shared office calendar system can be the perfect solution. There are plenty of calendaring software programs that can be integrated into your computer network, so that all staff can see the highest priority items and appointments. Any changes are seen immediately by everyone, so there is no confusion about what is most important that day or week. This way so long as you have left time for the unexpected to be dealt with it will be easier to see where to fit them in for completion and what can be moved to another time.