HotDocs is a powerful template and database development solution and Microsoft Outlook is a powerful contact manager.

Rocket Docket blends these technologies to eliminate one of the most laborious and tedious tasks in the legal practice, drafting legal correspondence.

The contact information a typical law firm deals with on an average day cannot possibly be remembered.

Merging this information into your legal correspondence, fax covers and affidavits of service can be easily done in our legal document automation and assembly software in a nanosecond. Powerful software like this was beyond the reach of many firms until now.

Rocket Docket was designed to create the workflow inside the software and finish in the word processor. Selecting contacts from Microsoft Outlook with your mouse is so much easier than typing it or copying and pasting it from somewhere else.

We broke down legal correspondence into its component parts and programmed the legal letter templates to collect the contacts from Microsoft Outlook and populate the correspondences with all of the bits of information automatically without any additional user input.

Imagine you have to fax and mail a letter to a court and carbon copy several lawyers and prepare and file an affidavit of service.

Gathering, copying and pasting the information for each segment of the correspondence is one way to draft the documents. This takes much longer than it takes to print, fax and stuff the envelopes.

With Rocket Docket this task would take a few mouse clicks and all of the information would be automatically merged into the correspondence. This takes much less time than it takes to print, fax and stuff the envelopes, and it avoids errors and aggravation.

Countless hours of tedious correspondence drafting can easily be eliminated allowing you to focus on other tasks.

You would be amazed and surprised to see what you can actually accomplish with the time recovered.

There is no other product available that singlehandedly eliminates the work that is required to create legal correspondence.