How easy is Rocket Docket Legal Document Assembly Software to use?

Rocket Docket Legal Document Assembly Software is built in HotDocs ®.  

HotDocs and Rocket Docket is a database solution for legal document assembly

HotDocs allows Rocket Docket template developers to design a database and create templates and interviews into and out of the database.

Rocket Docket templates are programmed with variables such plaintiff’s name and all of the other case information.

Rocket Docket interviews provide the “Answers” to the templates variables.

Rocket Docket templates automatically place the answered variable information into the documents, no matter how many times it appears. This can save hours per job

Is the Database Easy to Use?

Rocket Docket interviews reside in between the database and the templates. The interviews are fill in the blanks that make the system intuitive and easy to use. The system is programmed to make most forms and letters assemble from a single mouse click.

For example, a Notice of Appearance requires one single mouse click to select the form into the workflow. A Notice of Appearance does not need any further input once the case specific information is entered.

Captions, case attorney, client information, and signature blocks automatically fill, properly formatted in every form in the system after the initial interview when the case file is opened.

A Complaint is more a more complicated document but works the same way except the single click instruction to prepare a Complaint will bring up another interview to add specific causes of action in order to finish.

Just as with the Notice of Appearance, the caption client information, signature block, verification and certifications would all automatically fill. 

Rocket Docket handles letters, fax cover sheets and affidavits of service the same. Simple mouse clicks auto populate and format the letters with contact information selected.

The Legal Document Assembly Interview

The Interviews are in the left side of the screen. Rocket Docket presents only those interviews that are necessary for the particular task. By only presenting those interviews necessary for a particular workflow, there is never any clutter in the interview.

The interviews are also carefully designed to only ask each question once. You never have to answer the same question again. If the forms in the workflow each have overlapping answers, you will not be required to repeat the information for each form.

Rocket Docket Legal Document Assembly Software is easy to use

Rocket Docket is easy to use because we focused as much on the task or workflow as forms and letters. By focusing on the task and making a powerful database easy to use, a tremendous amount of work can be done in a fraction of the time it takes to cut and paste.

Because if its very nature, Rocket Docket is a case management system that allows you to leverage all of the case information into the forms and letters with simple mouse clicks.