n important part of becoming paperless requires the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software which allows you to process text from static sources such as photocopies, faxes and PDFs. Once the text has been processed, it may then be edited in your word processor.

By processing all of your paper, your workflows will be dramatically improved and you will be well on your way to becoming paperless.

Once familiar with the OCR process, it is not difficult to do and does not take much time. Most OCR software allows you several output options such as formatted or plain text.

Every day mail is delivered. Once scanned and processed, the work is ready to finish and send back out or file.

If you are served a particular demand it is much easier to OCR the document, add the responses to the editable text

t, saving yourself the misery of having to retype any of the information contained in it.

If you like the particular form enough to add it to your own form bank, OCR is truly magical. In the few minutes that it takes to process the document you will have a form that you can use over and over with very little time and attention.

Over time you may have whole practice areas of material that are editable on demand.

Of course, once the form is OCR’ed and digitized it is managed in a part of your paperless process.

There are many different vendors and most all scanners bundle with OCR software. You may want to see what software bundles with a particular scanner as part of your due diligence if you have personal preferences. If you already have a scanner, chances are you have the software.