Reworking an existing Civil Practice Law Rules (CPLR) form or creating a new one is part of the everyday law practice for most New York attorneys. Now imagine if you could get an error-free form done in as little as three steps, and about ten minutes. With Rocket Docket, creating a CPLR form is that easy. In addition to saving you tons of time, you are also saving yourself the headache and embarrassment of the almost unavoidable mistakes that come with the popular copy and paste method many attorneys use today.

Some of the documents included in CPLR forms include everything from the initial retainer agreement to service letters to pleadings to motions.

Here’s how you can automate all of your New York CPLR forms in three simple steps:

  1. Within the easy-to-use Rocket Docket system, select the CPLR forms you need. All the options will be available to you and this is a matter of simply checking the necessary boxes. When the need for a new form comes up down the road, all of the specific case information you entered in step 2 will be saved for you to quickly assembly the desired form.
  2. Sync up with your Microsoft Outlook account, click the boxes for your client and other information that you already have stored and spelled correctly in your email. For instance, some of the forms will require the information for opposing counsel, relevant dates and court information– a one-time selection of this information is all you need to automatically populate it throughout all of the documents you put together and will be saved for future use. All this information is automatically populated throughout all of the forms you have selected.
  3. Print! Using Rocket Docket to automate your CPLR forms means that it will take longer for you to print and organize your forms as it did to put them together! It really is that simple.

As you already know, almost every CPLR form you put together is filled with repetitive information. At Rocket Docket, we make it so that we input all this information automatically for you instead of forcing you to keep entering it over and over again. Automating all of your case information with Rocket Docket’s award winning HotDocs software gives your hours back in your day to grow your business or take some much needed time off. In addition to CPLR forms, Rocket Docket can also help you quickly assemble things like billing invoices, fax cover sheets and common correspondence letters. With the comprehensive forms library, you can feel confident that the forms you are filing are the ones your local court is looking for.

Developed by attorneys for attorneys, Rocket Docket is easy to use and has a plan to fit your budget.

For a limited time, Rocket Docket is currently offering a free 30 day trial, so give contact us today and discover how easy Rocket Docket is for CPLR forms and beyond.