Our automated legal software dramatically reduces the time needed to create legal forms.

Our mission is to leverage modern technology and dramatically reduce the time needed to create legal forms and to eliminate cut and paste errors. Lawyering takes time. A typical law office creates a wide variety of legal documents each and every day. We have programmed hundreds of workflows into the software and the user has absolute control over which documents to assemble at any given time.

If you have been frustrated with legal document assembly products that do not allow you create multiple documents at once, or to save the answers for future use, so have we, If you have never used document assembly and automation then you most likely have made countless cut and paste errors and so have we. We know because we are the lawyers who created, tested and used Rocket Docket thousands of times in order to eliminate the problems associated with archaic cutting and pasting of legal forms and templates.

Rocket Docket is innovative legal document assembly software because it creates ready-to-print legal documents and forms from simple interviews powered by HotDocs. Our desktop version is integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Our Cloud version will work in any internet connected browser on any type of device.

Using simple fill-in-the-blank interviews to collect case information and contacts, Rocket Docket merges all of this information into letters and forms with easy mouse click selections.

Rocket Docket contains fully automated legal forms templates for general correspondence, time and billing, business forms, criminal forms, CPLR forms and notices, divorce forms, family court forms, real estate transactions, foreclosures, evictions and much more.

Imagine multiple document workflows can now be done with easy input and simple mouse clicks! Rocket Docket reduces the time needed to create legal documents from minutes to seconds and hours to minutes. Many jobs take more time to print and stuff the envelope. Over the course of a year the time savings can add up to hundreds of hours.

What about math? We built calculators that lawyers need directly into Rocket Docket to stop embarrassing errors! For example, if you practice real estate and a closing date changes, the math in your excel spreadsheet has to be changed line by line. Not with Rocket Docket! All Rocket Docket math is updated in real time in every form. It will take you only seconds to get pro-rations, amortizations, maintenance, and child support results merged into every form and letter where it’s needed.

You will quickly become used to creating your own workflows. Creating multiple ready to print documents at one time with simple mouse clicks. Answer Files are stored by client and case and can be used on demand. Automatic instant update of Answers on demand. More time for client development and expansion of the law practice. No more hunting for information in file folders once the data is entered into the database. Fees can be earned in less time, increasing law firm profitability. 


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Rocket Docket Is Powered by Award Winning HotDocs Software

Automated legal forms are only possible with solutions such as HotDocs® software which has the power to allow the creation of powerful legal document templates that are actually easy to use. We choose HotDocs as our platform due to its ease of use, widespread popularity and commitment to the future of document assembly. Rocket Docket legal document template software is also integrated with Microsoft Outlook and offers a complete legal document assembly product for the busy law office.

HotDocs has the power to perform complicated lawyer math perfectly. Insert all of the math and other case information in the documents for easy production. Microsoft Outlook has the power to merge all of the case contacts into the letters and forms with similar ease.

Our goal is to create the automated legal forms in the software, not the word processor. With a single mouse click the workflow may be sent to the word processor for finishing where it is fully editable.

Rocket Docket eliminates the repetitive typing, cutting, pasting, finding and replacing insuring no more wasted time or errors. Rocket Docket allows simple data entry into user friendly fill in the blank interviews saved to client Answer Files for future use, and easy on demand access to instantly create and produce multiple forms and letters at once.

The advantages can dramatically change the way your law office creates its forms and letters. 

Some of the obvious advantages to using this powerful new tool are:

  • Simple data entry – fill in the blank interviews and user-friendly interface
  • Easy on demand access to instantly create and produce any related documents or correspondence
  • No more cutting and pasting names and information into documents
  • Creating unique on demand workflows each time to get complicated multiple documents done at once
  • Earn fees much quicker with more efficiency
  • Easy to access all of your managed case information
  • Complex math computations with simple input

HotDocs provides an engine for legal document assembly that has the ability to revolutionize the future of your law practice allowing you to reclaim time wasted cutting and pasting. Whether acquiring new clients and cases, expanding practice areas or simply taking more time off, Rocket Docket powered by HotDocs software is a virtual legal assistant.


Microsoft Outlook

Rocket Docket Desktop version integrates the power of Microsoft Outlook

Rocket Docket allows dynamic workflows like never before. We realized that fax covers, letters, affidavits of service and forms, are an equally important and specialized parts of every workflow.

Each automated New York legal forms library is built on a fully featured correspondence engine. The engine is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook®. Every contact is made of multiple bits of information that would otherwise have to be typed, cut, pasted and reformatted many times throughout every document.

Letters need the exact same contact information as forms, just formatted differently.

Rocket Docket combines the document assembly technology power of HotDocs® and the contact management power of Microsoft Outlook.

This powerful combination has the capacity to change the way that a law practice handles cases and ensures accurate and professional documents.

Some of the obvious advantages to using this powerful new tool are:

  • Microsoft Outlook contacts automatically inserted perfectly formatted into every document with a single mouse click.
  • Microsoft Outlook is highly searchable and easily manages large amounts of contacts and data.
  • Forms and letters assembled with 100% accuracy and error free.
  • All future documents in the case guaranteed to contain the exact same information.
  • Re-cycle contacts in every new case; once in Microsoft Outlook they never have to be re-typed again.