How New York Automated Criminal Forms Can Benefit Your Practice

When you open a new case with Rocket Docket Legal Software, you enter the case information in an easy, fill-in-the-blanks interview. Our software syncs with Outlook, so contact information for clients, judges, court clerks, and opposing counsel can be entered error-free with a click of your mouse.

When the interview is complete, every form, letter, and document is automatically populated with the contact and case information. With a single mouse click, you select each document you want to create from the drafting library, and the software does the rest.

New York automated criminal forms let you generate the documents you need much faster than the time-honored “Save As” method — modifying a previously saved document to fit a new client and context. Automated forms are also faster and more efficient than using templates that require manual insertion of case information into each and every document.

The old methods were prone to embarrassing errors that occurred while typing, cutting and pasting, or finding and replacing information to modify existing documents or create new documents with templates. Although no software can completely eliminate the possibility of errors, they are far less likely to occur using automated legal forms because the information is entered only once, and then will generate all the documents you need for the specific criminal case.

Automated Forms for New York Criminal Defense Lawyers

Rocket Docket Legal Software can transform your criminal defense practice. It doesn’t take long to learn to use it, and you can sign up for a free trial and be creating New York automated criminal forms the same day. Our criminal forms library contains a full battery of forms, including:

  • Bail application
  • Hardship motion
  • 80 motion – 144 hour
  • 80 motion – 45 day
  • 50 notice
  • Demand for bill of particulars
  • Discovery demand
  • Coram nobis
  • Omnibus motion


Penal Law Charges and Vehicle & Traffic Charges answer files are also available for download. They contain many common offenses and crimes, so you won’t have to continue retyping offenses. After these files are downloaded, you can add new crimes as they occur in your practice. Correspondence, time and billing, case notes, trial notebook, and CPLR notices and subpoenas are made easy with our system features.

Why continue practicing law the hard way with outmoded, error-prone methods of creating documents? New technology in the 21st Century can make your life easier and your practice more profitable. It can save you time, so you can take on more cases or simply spend more time enjoying life. Contact us to find out more about our revolutionary new software and our free 30-day trial offer.