Legal clients are getting more and more savvy, and attorneys and firms must be more competitive than ever in meeting client needs without breaking the bank on the bill. The days in which lawyers can ignore the hours spent in addressing client needs and simply submitting a huge legal bill for “services rendered” are fading fast, and attorneys are wise to find ways to optimize their ability to deliver legal services efficiently and accurately. One of the best strategies attorneys can employ is to incorporate legal automated documents into their practice, such as those offered by Rocket Docket Legal Software. Here are five big pros for why your firm should automate its legal documents:

Legal Automated Documents Keep You Updated of Changes in the Law

Whether your matter involves a real estate purchase or a divorce, you rarely need to start from scratch in creating complex legal forms. So what most lawyers do is use a “precedent” form from a previous transaction, divorce, eviction, or other matter and change the names and other information specific to the matter. The problem with this approach is that previous legal forms may reflect outdated laws and rules, forcing the attorney to either research every aspect of the form to make sure the law is current, or to risk incorporating invalid law. Rocket Docket Legal Software automatically updates all of its legal forms on an ongoing basis to reflect current New York law, which can educate the attorney on the law, make sure the forms are current, thereby preventing legal errors.

Legal Automated Documents Save You Time, Saving Your Clients Money

By providing up-to-date legal forms which are automatically generated based on the customized information you input, Rocket Docket Legal Software reduces the time needed to draft legal forms in all areas: legal research, drafting of language, time spent typing and formatting, proofreading and so on. Your clients want you to spend your time reaching creative and favorable legal outcomes, not messing around with paperwork and outdated forms. With Rocket Docket Legal Software, you can spend your time and energy on the legal strategies that matter most while saving your clients time and money.

Legal Automated Documents Make Large Firm Efficiency Available to Firms of All Sizes

Larger law firms often enjoy the benefit of large support staffs in the form of assistants, paralegals, proofreaders, and typists, who are on call 24/7. When a partner or associate is unclear as to the contents of a legal form or needs an assistant to draft and/or type up a form, help is often just a phone call away. With Rocket Docket Legal Software, that help is available to all sizes of law firms, from solo practices to mega-size firms, and with just a few clicks, you’ll have your legal form, ready for you to customize to your client’s needs.

Legal Automated Documents Reduce the Chance of Human Error

Legal forms are of course intended to be precise documents, and one small typo can have massive financial consequences for you and your client.  And with the stress and long hours of legal practice, even the most diligent legal professionals are not immune from inserting a small error into a document that can turn into a big problem. Rocket Docket Legal Software reduces that risk by automatically creating error-free forms based on the customized information you input.

Legal Automated Documents Helps Train Associates In many law firms, both small and large, too often the administrative staff becomes the sole repository of knowledge regarding the contents and requirements of legal forms. While a trusted administrative staff is invaluable, younger and more inexperienced lawyers should be trained to be trusted with generating accurate, comprehensive legal documents on their own without simply passing it off to an assistant or paralegal who may leave the firm at any time, taking their legal form knowledge with them. With Rocket Docket Legal Software, associates are empowered to create legal documents on their own and meet client needs without the need of constant support