Rocket Docket Legal Software. Rocket Docket New York legal document templates are powered by HotDocs Advance and provide your law practice with comprehensive document assembly libraries for a variety of New York practice areas. Create CPLR, criminal, divorce, real estate, landlord/tenant forms, and much more with our fill in the blank document engine.

Requirements: Internet Connection and HotDocs Advance

HotDocs Advance. End users will enjoy the ease and flexibility that comes with generating documents on browser-based templates in the cloud or on premise using a variety of devices like PCs, Macs, and tablets. Cloud Sign-On helps users log in to HotDocs Advance faster and more securely. Reduce complexity and save time for large organizations with multiple users with multiple passwords. Multi-factor authentication can be set up to further increase security when using Single Sign-On

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Rocket Docket Legal Software automated legal document drafting libraries dramatically reduce the time needed to create legal forms and correspondence while eliminating dreaded cut and paste errors.

Rocket Docket legal document automation and document assembly software creates instant value and power for law offices by eliminating countless hours of cutting and pasting and the associated errors. Now you can create multiple documents simultaneously in custom workflows with simple fill in the blank data entry and simple mouse clicks. All case information remains in a robust database for an instant merge into your documents and future use.

Rocket Docket was specifically designed to merge all of the customized client and case information into your documents.

Rocket Docket is not a practice management system. Rocket Docket’s purpose is to merge case and client information into your customized documents to get your documents flying off your desk and out the door.

Rocket Docket is an extremely powerful database program that was designed for one thing, to collect and merge vast amounts of information into documents with simple fill in the blank ease and simple mouse clicks. This magic is only possible because Rocket Docket chose the HotDocs® engine power the process.

Rocket Docket is the ideal tool for any size firm.

Automated Rocket Docket New York Legal Form Drafting Libraries

  • New York Civil Practice Law and Rules Forms (CPLR)
  • New York Criminal Forms
  • New York Divorce Forms (Litigator and Plaintiff Pro Se for Mediators Versions)
  • New York Family Court Forms
  • New York Real Estate Forms
  • New York Eviction Forms
  • New York Foreclosure Forms
  • New York Business Forms
  • New York Surrogates Forms

Rocket Docket is integrated with a fully featured correspondence engine so all of your letters and correspondence are done in less time than it will take to print and stuff the envelope.

Rocket Docket integrates time and billing so you can track hours and disbursements for easy invoicing and get all of your work done in one place at one time!

Rocket Docket was created by lawyers for lawyers and its sole purpose is to move paper quickly and efficiently in workflows that are tailored to the specific task at hand. Rocket Docket blends technology with the forms needed to get your work done consistently with little effort or fuss. We have programmed the features needed to complete the work that you do all day every day.

Attorneys cannot compete without efficient productivity software and automation technology.

Our forms are compliant with the relevant statutes and court rules and tested.

Attorneys use legal document templates which are basically the same from office to office because most of the content is dictated by rules, regulations and statutes which are continually changing. Rocket Docket’s automated New York legal document templates provide you with comprehensive libraries of forms covering New York practice areas, from standard CPLR and criminal forms to divorce, real estate, and landlord/tenant forms, among many others.

Our automated New York legal document templates are collected in drafting libraries that each include the particular forms, notices, motions, pleadings, releases, stipulations and subpoenas, and other forms and documents needed to start and finish the work in each practice area. Each form and letter is ready to be customized according to the client and case information that you enter, and is then ready for use when you need it.

The template sets are available for as low as $50/month per package! (Contact us for multi-package discounts and promotions). Click on the listed document template libraries below for further details on what is included in each library.

How Automated Legal Document Templates Can Transform Your Practice

Rocket Docket was built to save time and reduce errors. As Rocket Docket is a database program it is extremely powerful. As Rocket Docket is built on the HotDocs engine all of the raw database power is harnessed and gives you the power to create individualized legal documents in seconds with just a few clicks of the mouse. By incorporating Rocket Docket legal document templates, you not only avoid typos and math errors, but you can drastically cut down on the amount of time needed to create error-free legal documents, freeing you up to better focus on servicing your clients and attracting new clients.

By employing the power of Rocket Docket legal document templates in your practice, you will enjoy continuous and automatic updates to all of your legal forms, a service that is included in your subscription fee. This means that, when the law or the forms in New York change, your automated forms will change as well, making sure you are up to date and avoiding outdated law and rejected filings.

With Rocket Docket New York automated legal document templates, you enjoy:

  • Simple data entry into intuitive interviews with a user-friendly interface
  • Forms, letters and fax cover sheets assembled in seconds with 100% accuracy and error free
  • Complex mathematical computations updated in real time with simple inputs
  • Built-In Features streamline your workflows and your practice

Rocket Docket includes correspondence and time and billing along with useful calculators to get your work done with confidence. You can finally bring automation to your practice, beyond the standard filings and related forms. Create letter templates in seconds with our correspondence features, employ our Time and Billing to automate your billing and invoicing process, and use our Trial Notebook and Case Notes to streamline your litigation practice.

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