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What Is Rocket Docket?

Our automated software dramatically reduces the time needed to create legal forms.


Rocket Docket is an innovative legal document assembly software that creates ready-to-print legal documents and forms from simple interviews powered by HotDocs and integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Using simple fill-in-the-blank interviews to collect case information and contacts, Rocket Docket merges all of your information into letters and forms with easy mouse click selections.


Rocket Docket contains fully automated legal forms for Business attorneys, Criminal lawyers, CPLR forms, Divorce forms, Family Court and Real Estate Transactions, Foreclosures and Evictions. Entire multiple document workflows can now be done in minutes instead of hours! We programmed hundreds of legal workflows into our software libraries. Click here for more information about Rocket Docket's templates and forms.


David Brickman, creator of Rocket Docket, felt it was so important to control and leverage contact information that they literally built the system around it. Microsoft Outlook is the correspondence engine due to its contact management, search ability, and ease of use, not to mention its widespread adoption. Microsoft Outlook also has the power to manage all of your contacts from all of your different email accounts and address books. You will never again have to type or copy and paste the same contact.  Click here for more information about Rocket Docket and Microsoft Outlook.


Rocket Docket blends the power of HotDocs® and Microsoft Outlook® so that documents and entire workflows may now be created inside the software. The software automatically manages and inserts all of the properly formatted managed information that aging technology can only copy and paste. Click here for more information about Rocket Docket and HotDocs.


Hate math? So does the creator of Rocket Docket.  So they built a calculator directly into Rocket Docket to stop embarrassing errors! For example, if you practice real estate and a closing date changes, the math has to be changed line by line. This is not the case in Rocket Docket! All Rocket Docket math is updated in real time in every form. It will take you only seconds to get pro-rations, amortizations, maintenance, and child support results merged into every form and letter where it’s needed.


“I always wanted to be paperless and now I am. With a good computer, scanner and Rocket Docket you can be too.”

– David Brickman. CEO




“The software is incredibly easy to use and has drastically decreased the amount of time that I have to spend drafting letters and legal documents. I have not come across any other software like it"

- Rebecca B.


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