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More and more attorneys are finding that their legal practice is more efficient and more productive through the incorporation of automated legal document templates. Rocket Docket’s automated New York legal document templates provide you and your practice with comprehensive libraries of documents across New York practice needs, from standard CPLR and criminal forms to divorce, real estate, and landlord/tenant forms, among many others.


Our automated New York legal document templates are collected in drafting libraries that each include the particular CPLR forms, notices, motions, releases, stipulations and subpoenas, and other documents needed to start and finish the work in each practice area. Each form and letter is ready to be customized according to the client and case information that you enter, and is then ready for use when you need it.


The template sets are available for as low as $40/month per package! (Contact us for multi-package discounts). Click on the listed document template libraries below for further details on what is included in each library.


Automated New York Legal Forms

New York Civil Practice Law and Rules Forms – CPLR

New York Criminal Forms

New York Divorce Forms

New York Family Court Forms

New York Real Estate Forms

New York Eviction Forms

New York Foreclosure Forms

New York Business Forms



How Automated Legal Document Templates Can Transform Your Practice


Rocket Docket blends the technologies of Microsoft Outlook® for contact management and HotDocs® for its database power and content control to give you the power to create individualized legal documents in seconds with just a few clicks of the mouse. By incorporating Rocket Docket legal document templates, you not only avoid typos and filing errors, but you can drastically cut down on the amount of time needed to create error-free legal documents, freeing you up to better focus on servicing your clients and attracting new clients.


By employing the power of Rocket Docket legal document templates in your practice, you will enjoy continuous and automatic updates to all of your legal forms, a service that is included in your annual subscription fee. This means that, when the law and/or the filing forms in New York change, your automated forms will change as well, making sure you are up to date and avoiding outdated law and rejected filings.


With Rocket Docket New York automated legal document templates, you enjoy:


  • Simple data entry into intuitive interviews with a user friendly interface
  • The ability to import and automatically insert contact information from Microsoft Outlook perfectly formatted into every document
  • Forms, letters and fax cover sheets assembled in seconds with 100% accuracy and error free
  • Complex mathematical computations updated in real time with simple inputs


Extra Built-In Features To Further Streamline

Your Practice


With Rocket Docket’s Add On features, you can bring automation to other aspects of your practice, beyond the standard filings and related forms for no extra cost. Create letter templates in seconds with our Correspondence Add On, employ our Time and Billing Add On to automate your billing and invoicing process, and use our Trial Notebook and Case Notes Add Ons to streamline your litigation practice. Click on the list of Add Ons below for further details.

“I started using Rocket Docket several months ago and it has completely changed my law practice! Rocket Docket has been an amazing time-saver and provides me with all of the forms that I use in the various areas of law that I practice."

- Rebecca B.


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