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As law firms discover the new standard in legal document automation and assembly, they have many positive things to say about Rocket Docket. This software, powered by HotDocs®, has the power to revolutionize your law practice, creating new levels of efficiency and profitability. Rocket Docket was created by lawyers for lawyers. We were so frustrated trying to cut and paste forms and letters all day every day. We understood the wasted hours, the mistakes and created Rocket Docket Legal Software to provide a solution for ourselves that we are very happy and proud to offer to every law office.


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Here are some comments from customers who tried Rocket Docket and permanently improved their law practice:

“It’s fabulous because it puts the operation of a law practice at your fingertips. From the initial interview to the closing of the file – Nothing gets paper out more efficiently without errors or stress.”

- George C.




“I started using Rocket Docket several months ago and it has completely changed my law practice! Rocket Docket has been an amazing time-saver and provides me with all of the forms that I use in the various areas of law that I practice. Rocket Docket has provided amazing Customer Service as well. Any questions that I had regarding the software were answered promptly. Rocket Docket also gave me a full tutorial of how the software works. The software is incredibly easy to use and has drastically decreased the amount of time that I have to spend drafting letters and legal documents. I have not come across any other software like it and am incredibly happy that Rocket Docket developed such a helpful tool for Attorneys!”

- Rebecca B.




“I have been practicing Matrimonial, Family, Real-Estate and Criminal Law for over 11 years. These practice areas require different forms that take a significant amount of time to draft. Throughout the years I have developed my own forms, purchased and used various programs for each of the areas of practice but have yet to experience a comprehensive program that does everything in ONE place. When I pull up a client’s file in Rocket Docket, every form I need is available, including but not limited to, pleadings, discovery, billing, correspondence, motions, and much more. All I have to do is input the facts, such as client information, attorneys on the case, courts, etc., and everything I need is completed with a click of the mouse. Now, I use Rocket Docket for everything and I save a significant amount of my time and have much more time for my family. I would highly recommend this program to any Attorney – solo practitioner or large firm.”

- Rachel R.



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