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Rocket Docket Features

Key Features of Rocket Docket


Our legal document automation and assembly software uses the power of HotDocs® and Microsoft Office® to create forms and letters that are customized and available on demand. Hours of time and effort are saved in retyping contact, client and case information into forms and letters. The information is automatically inserted from the fill in the blanks when you select the form or letter to create.


  • Contact and case information is entered once into fill in the blank interviews, and then saved in ‘Answer Files’ which are available throughout the life-cycle of the case with simple mouse clicks.

  • A comprehensive form library powered by HotDocs document assembly software, providing the document templates that a practice needs on a daily basis, and continuously updated with changes in the law.

  • Multiple documents can be created in minutes or seconds using workflows you create each time based on your needs.



Save Time With Our Legal

Document Assembly Software


  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook means significant time and cost savings and no more tedious cutting and pasting or data entry errors.

  • Works with your current computer running Windows 7, 8 or Mac with a virtualization program, Windows and Outlook installed.

  • Billing and invoice information is updated in the forms in real time as it is entered as are all financial computations in complex cases.


These features are complimented

by an easy to learn and use fill

in the blank interface. Download

Rocket Docket legal document

assembly software and begin

creating forms with simple

mouse clicks in just a few

minutes. Every document

contains the customized

information and data that was entered for that case or client, and can be relied upon for error-free accuracy.



System Features

Automated Features

  • Letter Head
  • Client Verifications
  • Attorney and Client Certification
  • Signature Lines
  • Notary Blocks
  • Captions – New York
  • Caption – Federal
  • Correspondence
  • Fax Covers
  • Affidavits of Service
  • Mailing Matrix

Client Letters

  • Receipts
  • Invoice
  • Engagement Letter
  • Disengagement Letter
  • Non-Engagement Letter
  • Retainer Agreements (Case Specific – Hourly -Contingency
  • Appearance Waiver Affidavit




  • Time and Billing
  • Interest Calculator
  • Amortization Calculator
  • NY Divorce Maintenance Calculator
  • NY Child Support Calculator
  • Real Estate Closing Statements
  • Business Closing Statements
  • Bill of Costs
  • Divorce Net Worth Statement
  • Family Court Financial Disclosure Affidavit

Rocket Docket’s features are available for an affordable price, which includes all document updates as they become available, a user manual and support.

Automated New York Legal Document Software Rocket Docket

“It’s fabulous because it puts the operation of a law practice at your fingertips. From the initial interview to the closing of the file – Nothing gets paper out more efficiently without errors or stress.”

- George C.


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