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New York Lawyers Gain Access to Automated Business Forms


Whether you are forming a new business, drafting or revising a contract, protecting intellectual property, or buying and selling, the practice of business law involves a lot of paperwork. With access to 21st Century technology in the form of automated New York business forms, your practice can now run faster, smoother, and with greater profitability.


Rocket Docket Legal Software offers a full library of basic New York business forms for all types of transactions and agreements. An easy, fill-in-the-blanks interview will guide you through the process of entering information for each case, and you complete the forms you need with a simple click of your mouse. Forms are automatically populated with the relevant information and can be further modified to suit your specifications for a particular transaction.


New York Automated Business Forms Give Your Practice the Edge


We live in an age of technology and it makes sense to put it to use in the practice of law. Using New York automated business forms can give your practice an advantage in several significant ways.


You enter the relevant case information in a simple, one-time-only interview, after which your forms and documents are automatically generated for you. This is far less tedious and time-consuming than manually inputting data or cutting and pasting into each individual document. It can save you hours every day, allowing you to increase profitability and have more time left over for your personal life.


Automated legal documents are far less prone to error. In the old method of modifying a previously saved document to fit a new context, embarrassing mistakes, such as failing to remove information pertaining to the original client or failing to include language needed for the new client, were far more likely to occur. With New York automated business forms, you can have confidence in the quality of your work product with considerably less stress and effort.


New York Automated Business Forms Library


Our library of New York automated business forms contains the documents you need for forming a corporation or LLC along with minutes for all types of meetings. Included in our entity formation documents are:


  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Corporation initial meeting
  • Corporation annual meeting
  • Corporation regular and special meetings
  • Articles of organization
  • Operating agreement
  • LLC initial meeting
  • LLC annual meeting
  • LLC regular and special meetings


Rocket Docket’s New York business form library includes correspondence, time and billing, and calculators for amortization, interest, and number of days. The library also contains a full range of standard New York business documents, including:


  • Bill of sale
  • Promissory note
  • Security agreement
  • Guaranty
  • Business purchase/sale
  • Closing statement – business sale
  • Resolution – real property purchase/sale
  • Stock purchase/sale
  • Option to purchase shares
  • Pledge agreement
  • License agreement


Why continue using antiquated technology that is making your life more difficult and reducing profitability? Contact us to learn more about our automated legal software. You can try it for 30 days free of charge and see for yourself the advantage our New York automated business forms can give to your practice.










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