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Automated New York Real Estate Forms


Rocket Docket automated New York Real Estate forms contain all of the transfer and finance documents needed to close and finance real property transactions efficiently and effectively.


Rocket Docket Legal Software is automated legal document assembly software that creates ready to print legal documents and forms with simple fill in the blank interviews.


First, Rocket Docket ties all of the math to the closing date. When the closing date changes, the math updates in the software before it is sent to the word processor, No more wasted paper and no more updating math line by line.


No other product makes pro rations easier. You enter the tax amount and the to/from dates. That’s it. Pro rations are also tied to the closing date.


Some products do not allow for leap years or force you into 30 day months or 90 day quarters. These are not rounding errors and are not acceptable for the work you need to do.


Some products do not give you a pro rating rent roll. We do. We even give you a certified rent roll with one click. We also give you a form letter to all of the tenants advising them of the sale with one click.


Parties are selected from Microsoft Outlook contacts. The contact information automatically populates every form and letter.


The other case information is entered in fill in the blank interviews. With simple mouse clicks the forms to create are selected and automatically filled with this information.


The interviews collect all of the math, perform the computations and auto populate it into the forms as needed.


The New York Real Estate Transactions forms library will take you from the initial retainer, through letters, contracts, addenda, deeds, notes, mortgages and related instruments. The interview collects all of the math and auto populates it into the forms as needed. Once the parties and their roles are entered, the forms are auto populated with the information. Amortization and interest rate calculations, signature lines and notary blocks are automatically computed, created and formatted.


As with our other document assembly products the automated New York Real Estate forms is integrated with the fully featured correspondence engine and time and billing.



New York Real Estate Forms



  • Closing Statements
  • Contracts
  • Contract Release
  • Contract Addenda
  • Deeds
  • Mortgage
  • Mortgage Note
  • Mortgage Note Satisfaction
  • Assignment of Rents
  • Assignment of Leases and Security Deposits
  • Tenant Estoppel Letter
  • Mortgage Estoppel Letter
  • Mortgage Subordination Agreement
  • Mortgage Note Extension
  • Mortgage Guaranty
  • Mortgage Assignment
  • Borrower Certification
  • Attorney Opinion Letter
  • Disbursement Authorization
  • Rent Roll
  • Form Letters to Tenants

New York Automated Legal Document Software Forms



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