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Automated New York Family Court Forms


Rocket Docket’s New York Automated Family Court Forms are easy to use with fill in the blank interviews that populate the forms automatically with the contacts and case information.


Rocket Docket contains everything you need to open, draft, litigate, transact and close your cases.


Parties, court clerks, judges and opposing attorneys are selected from Microsoft Outlook contacts. The contact information automatically populates every form and letter.


The other case information is entered in fill in the blank interviews. With simple mouse clicks the forms to create are selected and automatically filled with this information.


Rocket Docket New York Family Court Forms contain all of the basic language necessary to litigate efficiently.


New York Family Court Forms include retainer agreements, filing and service letters and affidavits, pleadings and demands. The Child Support calculator will auto populate the math into the forms and motions as needed. The Financial Disclosure Affidavit reads the information from the Net Worth Statement so they are consistent and do not have to be re-entered.The math is automatically computed and entered into the forms.



Form Features


  • Support Petitions
  • Support Violation Petition
  • Support Order
  • Discovery Demands
  • FC FDA Husband/Father
  • FC FDA Wife/Mother
  • Custody Petition
  • Interrogatories
  • Family Offense Petition
  • Order of Protection Violation
  • Custody Order
  • Child Support Calculator
  • CPLR Notices and Motions





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