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Automated New York Divorce Forms


Our legal document assembly forms incorporate all of the changes to the Domestic Relations Law DRL statutes effective October 2015 and January 2016.


Rocket Docket New York Automated Divorce Forms are easy to use with fill in the blank interviews that guide the user. Parties, court clerks, judges and opposing attorneys are selected from Microsoft Outlook. This contact information automatically populates every form and letter in the drafting library.


The case information is entered in fill in the blank interviews. With simple mouse clicks the forms to create are selected from the drafting library and automatically filled with this information. You choose which forms and letters to assemble in each and every workflow. The drafting library of forms works the same for same sex and traditional couples.


Rocket Docket contains everything you need to open, draft, litigate and close your cases. New York Divorce Forms include retainer agreements, filing and service letters and affidavits, and contested and uncontested pleadings and demands. The calculators for Temporary Maintenance and Child Support will auto populate the math into the forms and motions as needed. The Pendente Lite Motion automatically recites the time and billing calculations, updated in real time as you work. The Net Worth Statement was designed to track the OCA form for ease of use and computes the math automatically.


System Features


Our forms include the current updates and changes to the Domestic Relations Law (DRL) Sections 236 and 240 effective in October 2015 and January 2016 regarding the guidelines for child support and spousal maintenance.[Laws of 2015, Ch. 269; S. 5678/A. 7645]. Description of the highlights and the actual text of this important new law


The new statutes depend on which party has the higher income and which party is paying support, with mandatory inclusions and exclusions, including FICA. Our forms, Child Support and Maintenance Calculators are current and correctly compute the formulas to the statutory caps based on income and number of children. This information is automatically inserted into the forms.


Our Net Worth Statement collects the expenses, mandatory items and performs the math and outputs the information in neat and easy to read columns.


All calculations are performed with very simple input.


New York Divorce Forms



  • DV Check Form
  • Summons
  • Complaint
  • Removal of Barriers
  • Automatic Orders Notice
  • Health Insurance Notice
  • Answer/Counterclaim
  • Defendant Affidavit
  • Net Worth Demand
  • Statement Proposed Disposition
  • Discovery Demands
  • Interrogatories
  • Findings and Judgment
  • Affirmation of Regularity
  • Plaintiff Affidavit
  • DRL 255 Statement
  • Automated Opting Out Agreement  – including correct statutory language depending on commencement date
  • Pendente Lite Motion
  • Pendente Lite Order to Show Cause
  • Retainer Agreement
  • Pendente Lite Affirmation
  • Pendente Lite Affidavit
  • Invoice math populates the forms
  • Temporary Maintenance Worksheet and Child Support Worksheet (UD-8)
  • Child Support Calculator
  • Temporary Maintenance Calculator – automatically uses the correct formulas with the caps based on filing date and which party is payor
  • Automated Net Worth Statement

New York Automated Legal Document Software Forms



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