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Automated New York Criminal Forms


Rocket Docket New York Automated Criminal Forms are easy to use drafting libraries with fill in the blank interviews that populate the forms and correspondence automatically with the contacts and case information. With our document assembly and document automation, parties, court clerks, judges and opposing attorneys are selected easily from Microsoft Outlook. The contact information automatically populates every form and letter.

The case information is entered in fill in the blank interviews. With simple mouse clicks the forms and letters to create are selected from the drafting library and automatically filled with this information.


Rocket Docket contains everything you need to open, draft, litigate, negotiate and close your cases, including notices and motions.


New York Criminal Forms include retainer agreements, filing and service letters and more.


Answer Files for Penal Law Charges and Vehicle & Traffic Charges are available for download and contain many of the most common crimes and offenses so you will never have to retype an offense again. Once downloaded feel free to add new crimes as they occur in your practice.


Traffic Ticket cases are exceptionally easy in Rocket Docket, especially for your clients with multiple matters in different courts. The appearance letters; plea bargain request letters; client letters are already written for easy use.


Form Features


  • Hardship Motion
  • Bail Application
  • 180.80 Motion – 144 Hour
  • 190.80 Motion – 45 Day
  • 190 50 Notice
  • Discovery Demand
  • Demand for Bill of Particulars
  • Omnibus Motion
  • Coram Nobis



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