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Automated New York Business Forms


Rocket Docket Automated New York Business Forms are very basic and contain the language necessary for many types of transactions and agreements. Once the parties and their roles and attorneys are entered, easy fill in the blank interviews will guide you through the process and the forms will be completed with simple mouse clicks. Once in the word processor, they may be modified to all of your specifications and needs for each particular transaction.


We are constantly seeking new content to add so please feel free to share with us any material that you would like to see programmed into our libraries.


Form Features



  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Corporation By-Laws and Initial Meeting
  • Corporation Annual Meeting
  • Corporation Regular/Special Meeting
  • Articles of Organization (LLC)
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • LLC Initial Meeting Minutes
  • LLC Annual Meeting
  • LLC Regular/Special Meeting
  • Business Purchase/Sale
  • Closing Statement – Business Sale
  • Bill of Sale
  • Stock Purchase/Sale
  • Promissory Note
  • Security Agreement
  • Guaranty
  • Option to Purchase Shares
  • Pledge Agreement
  • License Agreement
  • Resolution – Real Property Purchase-Sale

New York Automated Legal Document Software Forms



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