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In decades past, many lawyers have generated legal documents using a time-honored method of modifying an existing, saved document for a new case or client. Some attorneys have used templates for frequently produced documents, manually filling in the blanks with specific case information, one document at a time. Fortunately for New York lawyers and their support staff, times have changed with advanced technology. New York legal document automation has finally arrived.


It is no longer necessary to cut and paste, find and replace, and manually revise previously saved documents to fit a new cases and situations. That method was not only tedious and time consuming but also prone to error. With Rocket Docket Legal Software New York legal document automation, you can now generate all the forms, documents, and correspondence you need for any given case, error free, in just a fraction of the time.


How New York Legal Document Automation Works


With our innovative legal document assembly software, you enter case and contact information in an easy, fill-in-the-blanks interview when you open a case. The software syncs with Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to enter contact information for attorneys, clients, parties, court clerks, and judges accurately, with a simple click of the mouse.


All the forms and documents you require from to start and finish a case are automatically populated with the case data and contact information collected in the interview. With a mouse click, you simply select the documents you want to print.


Documents in a number of practice areas include numbers arrived at through complex math calculations, and those calculations may be tied to certain dates. When the dates change, the math in the documents must be altered accordingly, line by line, and errors can and do occur.


Our legal software has built-in, fully-programmed math calculators that update the math in real time for every form and document, eliminating the possibility of embarrassing mathematical errors. Pro-rations, amortizations, maintenance, and child support, for example, can be automatically computed and merged into all relevant documents and correspondence in a matter of seconds.


New York Legal Document Automation Libraries


Our libraries all come equipped with correspondence and time and billing. Trial notebooks are a standard feature in all our litigation libraries. You can get all of your work done in one place utilizing completely automated features, such as:


  • Pleadings captions
  • Certifications
  • Letterhead
  • Signature lines
  • Notary blocks
  • Client verifications


Each library includes the most current forms and documents used in that practice area, and in many cases, fully-programmed, practice-specific math calculators. For example, our divorce forms library contains a child support calculator and a temporary maintenance calculator.


We offer New York legal document automation in a range of practice areas, including:



Why continue producing legal documents the hard way? Although the old methods may be familiar, and may have served well enough in the past, Rocket Docket New York legal document automation can take your practice to a whole new level of productivity and profitability.


Contact our office to arrange for a free 30-day trial. We are confident that you will be glad you did when you see what our revolutionary new software can do for your practice.










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