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Rocket Docket Legal Document Software Saves You Time and From Embarrassing Errors



Will Rocket Docket Work in Small Firms and Medium Firms?


Rocket Docket Legal Software is a perfect solution for any workstation in any sized firm. We make it simple to collect information and to easily assign staff to each case.


Once selected into a case Rocket Docket automatically inserts staff specific information such as names, phone, fax, email, etc. into every correspondence and form that is generated. If the staff person assigned changes, so do the correspondences and forms with one simple mouse click.



Will Rocket Docket Work in a Large Firm?


Rocket Docket will work just as well in any size firm.


All law firms deal with the same exact information. They:

  • have clients with names and contact information;
  • deal with the exact same courts;
  • assign particular lawyers and staff to a case;
  • prepare the exact same forms;
  • manage the information exactly as small firms do;
  • enter attorneys; parties, courts and judges into letters and forms;
  • format addresses into lines and blocks and create signature lines and notary blocks; and
  • input repetitive information multiple times into each and every workflow.



What is so different about Rocket Docket?


Rocket Docket blends the technologies of Microsoft Outlook® for contact management and HotDocs®  for its database power and content control. Previously this amount of processing power required an expensive team of consultants to be hired at a cost typically well beyond the reach of small and medium sized firms.


Rocket Docket provides mainframe like power to the software side. And this power is available out of the box.


Bulk data is literally a single mouse-click eliminating cut and paste; find and replace and the associated errors.


  • The power of the system drastically improves confidence in the output and a corresponding elimination of the stress associated with errors.
  • Simple data entry into intuitive interviews with a user friendly interface.
  • Imports contacts from Microsoft Outlook and automatically inserts the information perfectly formatted into every document with a single mouse click.
  • Eliminates countless hours re-typing, cutting and pasting often used information and contacts.
  • Forms, letters and fax cover sheets assembled in seconds with 100% accuracy and error free. Because all of the data is entered once, all future production is guaranteed to contain the exact same information.
  • Allows the user to create unique workflows, creating multiple ready to print documents at one time with simple mouse clicks.
  • The forms libraries are updated with current law and include the documents needed to get the job done.
  • Performs complex mathematical computations updated in real with simple input.
  • No more re-typing, cutting and pasting names and information into documents.
  • No more cut and paste errors.
  • Eliminates the wasted time word processing what could be created in the database much easier.
  • Eliminates the aggravation associated with doing it the hard way.
  • Allows for paperless work flow and office.
  • Allows all the time saved to be used as you choose.


The competition has neglected the case contacts.


The heart of our system is the case contacts. The vast majority of information in every case is the contacts which are needed in the forms and letters. This information is automatically formatted in every place in every form and letter with no additional input required.


The competition has neglected letters and fax cover sheets.


A typical law firm produces as many letters and fax covers as forms. Every letter and fax cover has unique lines and blocks of information including, letterhead elements; address blocks,  fax to lines; regarding lines; letter content; service and filing; signed by attorney or staff and carbon copy.


All of the fax covers and many of the letters in Rocket Docket are produced with one or two mouse clicks because the information has already been entered once and the letter has been pre-programmed.


The competition does not have an interface.


We have built an interface which is intuitive and allows information to be entered once. The information is then made available to every form and letter in the system.


The competition only allows one form at a time to be assembled.


A typical work flow consist of any number of forms, letters to transmit the forms and an affidavit of service.


The competition has not developed the practice areas needed.


Our primary objective has been to build a system that can include any number of practice areas in any state and federal district.


Each practice library recognizes and reads the information input into other practice libraries because they are all part of the same system.


The competition has built standalone libraries that do not recognize each other or the information in them.


The competition does not know what forms are necessary to compete a case from beginning to end.


The competition forces you to sort through lists and menus of forms to find one that most closely resembles the job you are trying to do.


We did not focus on the forms we focused on the task. If the task is to get someone divorced, we know what forms are necessary and have included and programmed them.


The competition includes dozens of extra useless forms in a cumbersome menu that have nothing to do with the job at hand because they do not know exactly what is necessary to get the job done.


The competition has not built anything to assist the law firm all day every day.


Rocket Docket was built by lawyers for lawyers. We have programmed the forms and features needed to actually perform and complete the work that we need to do all day every day. Rocket Docket is a high speed high volume solution focusing on accuracy and confidence.


What are the problems that Rocket Docket eliminates?


Aside from cut and paste errors and an outrageous waste of time and resources, we know how lawyers work. We are lawyers.


Case Study 1 – Precedents

Lawyers often rely on precedents to do current work, for example the last divorce they did.

But, the facts are different. The names are different. The courts and judges and opposing attorneys are different. Sometimes the client’s gender is even different.

All of this information has to be replaced.


TWO Problems: Errors and Changes in the Law.

Using precedents guarantees errors, some minor – some devastating.

Using precedents guarantees eventually using an outdated forms.

Rocket Docket is updated. As the laws change the forms change. Many of our forms are Official Court Forms.


Case Study 2 – Forms with Blanks


The blanks in the static forms force lawyers into working with the rough equivalent of crayons, scissors and glue. A deed is a simple enough form. What is different in every deed is the date, the property, the buyers and sellers and the people who sign it. How hard is it to create an interview that asks the names of the people, the address and the date it is being signed and notarized? Not very hard. What is hard is that we are well into the 21st century and there are still static forms with blanks that have to be scissored and glued.


This is why Rocket Docket was created.



How does Rocket Docket solve the problems?


A simple process:

Open a case file.

Select the lawyer and staff into the case.

Enter the parties and select their roles.

Enter the case specific information into the interviews.

Select the correspondences and forms you want to assemble from the interviews.

Send the workflow to the word processor.

Save the case file so you may pick up where you left off later.



What About Forms for Other States?


The Correspondence and Time and Billing products work in all 50 States and Federal Court.


Rocket Docket currently has libraries with New York State forms. Releases will be available for other states in the future. The calculators and correspondence features are generic and can be used by any law office in any state.


If you are interested in creating content for a practice area in any state, we are interested in talking to you. Programming experience is not necessary as we are hoping to develop relationships with authors either known for their practice area or who wish to become known and have excellent content. Ideally the author would create CLE content and teach with a minor emphasis on Document Assembly.



Are Updates Included in the Price?


Rocket Docket forms have been developed with current and correct statutory language and requirements. As laws change, updates to Rocket Docket forms are continually available immediately via web download, and are included with your annual subscription fee.



How Do I get Rocket Docket?


Rocket Docket is available via a convenient and quick download right from our website, and does not require significant computer memory.


Microsoft Windows, Word, Outlook and HotDocs User or Developer are required.



How Much is Rocket Docket?


Rocket Docket’s subscription fees vary depending on which product you purchase. Rocket Docket is available for you to try its innovative assembly technology with a 30-day risk-free, no obligation trial. No credit card information is required for the free trial offer. Volume discounts are also available if you want more than one subscription.


Your investment in Rocket Docket will have substantial return on investment for you, your firm, and anyone who uses it.





“The software is incredibly easy to use and has drastically decreased the amount of time that I have to spend drafting letters and legal documents. I have not come across any other software like it"

- Rebecca B.


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