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Foreclosures were filed on nearly 1.1 million U.S. properties in 2015, as reported by RealtyTrac, and the foreclosure rate was up by 24% in the state of New York. These rising statistics mean more work for New York foreclosure attorneys, whether prosecuting or defending, and the more cases a law firm can handle, the more profitable a practice will be. New York automated foreclosure forms make it possible to streamline document production, save time and money, and increase profitability.


Handling foreclosures is a document-intensive practice area, as any foreclosure attorney knows. Rocket Docket Legal Software New York automated foreclosure forms can shave hours off your work day, eliminate embarrassing errors, increase the profitability of your practice, and simplify your practice significantly.


How New York Automated Foreclosure Forms Can Streamline Your Practice


The time-honored methods of document production traditionally used in law firms are the “Save As” method, which involves modifying a previously saved document to suit a new case and context, and the use of templates, into which relevant case data must be entered for every document produced. Using either method, each document is created individually and there is a great deal of cutting, pasting, editing, or data entry involved, all of which consume time and increase the possibility of errors.


New York automated foreclosure forms simplify document production in your practice. When you open a case, you enter the information one time only, prompted by an easy, fill-in-the-blanks interview. The software links with Microsoft Outlook, which makes it possible to enter contact information for parties, attorneys, judges, and court clerks error-free with a click of your mouse. Pleadings, forms, and correspondence are automatically populated with the case information, and you simply click to select the documents you need for that particular case.


To increase efficiency even further, Rocket Docket features include fully programmed math calculators. Numbers, such as principal, interest, and costs, are collected in the initial interview. The software performs complex math calculations, error-free, and the results are automatically merged into the motions, judgments, and forms for the specific case.


With this streamlined process, you can produce all the documents you need for a case in a fraction of the time that was previously required using the traditional document creation methods, with far less risk of producing documents with inaccuracies. You can improve the quality of your work product and increase the profitability of your practice, simultaneously.


Our New York Automated Foreclosure Forms Library


Our foreclosure forms library contains all the up-to-date New York forms and documents you need to open, prosecute or defend, and close your cases, including:


  • Notices
  • Summons and complaint
  • Motions
  • Affidavits
  • Judgments
  • Forms
  • Trial notebook
  • Case notes
  • Bill of costs


System features include:



Why continue doing it the hard way when new technology from Rocket Docket Legal Software can give your foreclosure practice an edge, and save you time and money? We are confident that you will love our revolutionary new software, so we are offering a 30-day trial for free. Our legal software is user-friendly and there is very little learning curve involved. Contact us today to find out how to get started.











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