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Rocket Docket New York Automated Legal Document Forms Assembly Software


Rocket Docket will dramatically reduce the time needed to create legal forms.


When you download and begin using the Rocket Docket legal document automation and assembly software, you will soon see the value and power of automated document assembly for the law office. Just imagine how many hours will be saved on every case because multiple documents are produced from simple mouse clicks in a single data file customizing the documents with the client information. That information is extracted and entered by HotDocs® into the document in the appropriate places, error and typo free.


Rocket Docket is an ideal tool for a solo attorney on the go.


Automated Rocket Docket New York Legal Forms

  • New York Civil Practice Law and Rules Forms (CPLR)
  • New York Criminal Forms
  • New York Divorce Forms
  • New York Family Court Forms
  • New York Real Estate Forms
  • New York Eviction Forms
  • New York Foreclosure Forms
  • New York Business Forms


All Rocket Docket products are integrated with the fully featured correspondence engine so all of your letters and correspondence are done in less time than it will take to print and stuff the envelope.  Plus Rocket Docket will keep track of hours and disbursements for invoicing - get all of your work done in one place at one time!


Rocket Docket is your new legal assistant that blends technology with the forms needed to get your work done consistently with little effort or fuss. Our software was built by a lawyer for lawyers. We have programmed the features needed to complete the work that you do all day every day.


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“I started using Rocket Docket several months ago and it has completely changed my law practice! Rocket Docket has been an amazing time-saver and provides me with all of the forms that I use in the various areas of law that I practice."

- Rebecca M.


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